Halloween arts and crafts

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love the idea of all the arts and crafts and in my mind I really think I can make the stuff and it will look like it does in the picture, the reality is it very rarely does!

The weather is getting horrible so what better way to spend the day (or an hour in our case) then with some arts and crafts.

I had decided after scrolling through Pinterest we would make some Halloween crafts so out comes the craft box and paints and away we went.

We first attempted making spiders from a toilet roll tube, I’m sure it took longer to get everything ready, than Chloe actually spent using it.

Next we made a mummy out of an old cereal box and wrapped it in kitchen roll. He has spent most of the day at the bottom of the toy box as Chloe said he is a scary monster.


We then made a hedgehog (yes it really is a hedgehog!!) which Chloe enjoyed making the most out of everything.

Finally, we (me) done some printing with pom poms.


I had planned on spending a good few hours doing this, and making loads of stuff but Chloe had more ideas and was more interested in washing her hands!


Mummy Em x



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