Autumn scavenger hunt

Chloe loves to be outside and I like to try to mix things up and do different things other than going to the same places or doing the same things.

I found the idea of an Autumn scavenger hunt on Pinterest, and thought it seemed a great idea, and I could actually do something that would look like it does on the screen.

I made a list of all the things I knew we may find over the park, you can change it depending on your surroundings and the seasons.

Chloe thought it was great fun and insisted on holding the list, she kept calling it a map and pointing as to which way we had to go.

We made our way around the park looking for the bits on the list. There seemed to be squirrels all over the place which took a liking to Chloe. I hate squirrels they really seem to get up close and I was petrified of Chloe getting bitten. Chloe however kept calling them, and I swear at one stage we had about 6 of the pest following us.

It soon turned in to Chloe collecting things to give to the squirrels and calling them, and then giggling when they were running. Me on the other hand was having visions of a squirrel jumping out of a tree on to my back and being eaten like something out of a bad horror film.

We had soon collected everything on our list, apart from an acorn! But we did get 2 pine cones so not all bad. On the way back home it started to rain and Chloe enjoyed walking in the rain and sticking her tongue out to catch it.

Once home we checked to see what we had collected, and it would seem along the way some of the stuff had been lost. But we still had a great afternoon.

Mummy Em x


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