Dr Seuss at The Children’s story centre Stratford

Me and Chloe do love going on an adventure especially as Mr D works shifts. Our latest adventure was to the Children’s story centre in Stratford for the Dr Seuss exhibition.

We have been previously but not since it has had a make over. It looks so much better now it has had a little re-vamp and now it has an extra floor.

You need to book your visit on-line, for me and Chloe it was £13 and that was for a reading of a Dr Seuss book (Scrambled eggs super) and then a reading of The Cat In The Hat which is set in a room with props and costume for you to play with.

On the ground floor there is a lovely sensory room with a small climbing area, a pirate ship and a craft station and reading corner.

Outside is a wonderful play centre which Chloe loved and if we weren’t booked in for the reading we would have spent longer out there.

On the next floor up is the reading corner, which is set out in connection to the story they are reading, with pillows and props. I was dubious as to whether Chloe would sit still but she was really good and enjoyed singing and interacting.

There is also a beautiful café on this floor, we only had a juice and a box of smarties while waiting but I did spy a lovely selection of cakes.


The story ran over slightly so we missed the start of The Cat In the Hat. This was the best part of the day as there was so much stuff for Chloe to do. It incorporated lots of Dr Seuss stories including Green Eggs and Ham &The Lorax. The was even dressing up bits and Chloe dressed up as Thing 1, but wasn’t prepared to allow a photo to be taken.

If you are looking for a good day out, especially now the weather is turning horrid, I would 100% recommend the Children’s story. Keep an eye on the website especially near Christmas as they have some lovely Christmas shows on.

Mummy Em x



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