Pumpkin picking

Today we went pumpkin picking which was a first for all of us and something to tick of my Autumn bucket list.

We went to Foxes Farm in Basildon – http://www.foxesfarmproduce.co.uk/ which from our house took about 30 minutes, and they have another one in Colchester.

It was everything I imagined it to be. There was an abundance of pumpkins and even a corn maze, which you could collect corn from. There were wheel barrows available for you to put your pumpkins in while going around the patches.

There was a wide selection of pumpkins available in all different shapes and sizes including beautiful white ones, and the prices started from £1 for a small one to £10 for a large one. And corn for 50p. We even picked up some LED battery lights for when we carved out the light.

Chloe insisted on getting a wheel barrow and being pushed around in it.

The fun really started when we got home and started carving. This is something I have never done before but had a great time, if messy. Chloe loves Mr Pumpkin head and his little brother and sister and has asked if they can sleep in her bedroom tonight!

This is defiantly going to be a Devere family tradition from now on.

Mummy Em x


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin picking

  1. Oh what fun! I’m so jealous, there are no pumpkins in Guatemala, but next time we make it up north will be next fall, so we’ll have to go. I love your jack-o-lantern. Sure hope he slept well with your kids!


  2. Hi Em, when I was in the UK, Halloween wasn’t such a big thing. Going out pumpkin picking sounds like proper family fun. I do remember my Dad carving a swede out for us, but we’d have much preferred a pumpkin. Hope you have a spooky Halloween!

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC.


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