Autumn apple day at Bedfords Park

Today we went to the Autumn apple day at Bedfords park , with my brother, sister-in-law and niece. If you haven’t been to this park I would highly recommend it, it is absolutely stunning.

When we arrived they hadn’t quiet finished setting everything such as the arts and crafts and the nature trail, but the important stuff like cake was already for us. They also had some adorable Pygmy hedgehogs, and the girls got to stroke one, so that was a good start to the day.

Before starting out on our adventure we had to have a bit of cake and a cup of tea. I had a lovely bit of lemon cake which was super yummy, and the view was beautiful, especially with the sun shining down on us.

Once we were all fed and watered we set out on our own nature trail, we got the girls a clip board each paper and pencil and off we went around the park. To be honest the trail didn’t last long as the girls were too interested in everything around them especially when we come to a load of logs for them to climb upon.

Soon it was lunch time and we made our way back to the visitor centre to have a picnic. Even though it was slightly chilly out it was lovely being out in the fresh air. There were ladybirds everywhere around the park, which the girls loved. We got them a bug pot with a magnifying glass for them to take a closer look, Chloe insisted on wearing hers all the way home.

We finished the day by doing some arts and crafts in the visitors centre, the girls made bird feeders from pipe cleaners and Cheerio cereals and wool apples (I enjoyed this and will be making at home) and I had to purchase some of the yummy apples and even picked up a few recipe cards. And before we left we completed the centres nature trail which was all about apples.

We have had a super autumnal weekend and I have enjoyed every minute.

Mummy Em x




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