Another Pinterest fail!

I have previously mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love looking through all the pretty pictures, and actually convince myself  that I can make the things. That I can be one of those mummies. But the sad truth is I’m not and I’m ok with that (well I’m not but hey what can you do?)

Anyway, after getting some yummy apples from the apple fair at Bedfords Park at the weekend Autumn apple day at Bedfords Park I thought I would have a look through, you know who for some ideas and come across apple crisps.

In principle all seemed straight forward, even I couldn’t mess it up, hahhahaha. I did! they taste like soggy cinnamon mushy thingys.

Just in case I have sold the idea of making soggy cinnamon crisps the details are here……

What you will need

Apples (obvs)


Apple corer



Now for the technical part…….

Core apples

Slice them, thinly (Fat ones go really mushy, and take bloody ages to cook)

(are you keeping up so far?)

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar


Place on baking tray and cook at 200 degrees for around 2 hours to ensure they have dried out. But keep checking or they burn, trust me!



A plate of some burnt, some mushy cinnamon apple thing’s. Don’t they look yummy?


Mummy Em x






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