A Tiger Witch & Zombie Panda went to Westfield!

The plan for today was to go to a ghost private ship event that was taking place in the Shopping Centre at Stratford, but when we arrived it was really disappointing so what else was there to do,but go shopping in Westfield?!

Chloe and my niece Lizzie had both got dressed up at witches ready to go to the ghost ship and both looked super cute. Westfield had Halloween activities going on throughout the day so the  costumes weren’t wasted.

First stop was to the KitKat pop up shop. This is where you can design your own KitKat or purchase one of the limited editions. I went for a limited edition – Bonoffee Boom. It was lush, but very sweet.

Next stop was the Barbie Experience. Chloe is a little too young for Barbie but seemed to enjoy it all the same. It was an introduction to the new Barbie’s that are now available including “curvy” Barbie. And showing that Barbie can be  more than a princess and can be anything she wants to be.  There was a chance for the girls to dress up along the way and colour in their Barbie story book they were given at the start. And at they had a photo both and you got a free photo.

We then went for a wonder whilst deciding where to go to eat and come across free face painting. Chloe wanted to be a Tiger. This is always here first choice when it comes to face painting. Lizzie went for a Zombie Panda.

Finally,  it was lunch time and after all the walking Nandos was defiantly needed. After lunch it was time for shopping. Obviously Disney shop was a must. Chloe got Lotso Bear from Toy Storey which smells of strawberry, and Frozen bath toys which were reduced from £12.95 to £9.71.

Next was Tiger, my favourite shop in the whole of Westfield, I could spend all day (and all my money) in here. I have decided to make the girls Christmas Eve boxes and got some bits for these as they have some of their Christmas bits out. I cant wait to go back in December when it’s all out ready for me to buy!

Now its time to finally sit and relax!

Mummy Em x



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