Oreo Spider cookies & Strawberry white chocolate ghosts.

I decided to give my arch-enemy Pinterest another chance this afternoon, and get into the Halloween spirit with some spooky treats.

I thought I would make it easy for myself and look for stuff aimed at kids making so that I can’t mess it up. As you will see things didn’t quite go to plan.

Oreo spider cookies

  • Oreo cookies

  • white chocolate melted

  • pretzels

  • smarties

Just so you know this is how they should look!

20161031_172611What you do

  • Open the cookies and smear in white chocolate

  • Put pretzel legs on white chocolate and stick back together

  • put a blob of white chocolate on top and stick smarties on as eyes

  • TA DAH…………………………………………

I know amazing right??!

And now the white chocolate strawberry ghosts. These are super technical so you might need a moment to come to terms with what is required here.

Again this is what they should look like…..

white-chocolate-strawberry-ghostsWhat you will need

  • melted white chocolate

  • strawberries

  • chocolate drops or food colouring for faces

What you do

  • dip strawberries in chocolate

  • add faces

I know, I know that one was really difficult!


Its official I’m really bloody bad at this stuff, but hey Chloe had fun so that’s all that really matters.

Mummy Em x




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