Toys R Us toys haul

I have finally started Christmas shopping.

Me and Chloe went a trip to Toys R Us for a little mooch, and they have some really good offers on at the moment.

Here is what I purchased…….

Despicable Me Play -Doh (£7.99 sale price £3.99)


Chloe loves anything Minion related. Play Doh is always good fun if only she wouldn’t eat it!

Sea life Play Doh (£9.99 sale price £4.99)


I got this mainly because I thought the little characters were cute, and plus it was on offer!

Mr Potato Head – £9.94


Chloe has recently started got into Toy Story and I am planning on getting her most of the other characters for Christmas.

Peppa Pig Tumble & Spin Game (£14.99 sale price £7.49)



I’m sure most of the bits will be lost by Boxing Day, but Chloe will love it.

Frozen Anna Doll (£14.99 sale price £7.49)


Like all little girls Chloe likes dolls and Frozen, and for this price I couldn’t say no.

Clangers Musical boat with figures (£14.99 sale price £7.49)


This is a bit of a gamble gift. Chloe sometimes watches them if they are on the TV, and when we went to the Childhood museum she enjoyed the exhibition on about them. So it is either a bit of a hit or miss gift.

So there you go. And I even managed to so all of this with Chloe in tow, without having a melt down that she wanted any of them (go me!!)

Mummy Em x


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