Indoor activities for toddlers

The weather is now turning really cold and finding things to do inside with a hyper toddler  can be hard sometimes.

There is the usually get ALL the toys out and watch Chloe play with them for 2.4 seconds before getting bored, then there is laying watching a DVD, but it is dangerous territory as there is the risk that an afternoon nap could happen, and then there is a dilemma do I embrace the peace or do I power through the whining later and look forward to bedtime at a reasonable time? I always choose the latter!

My fail safe options  for indoor activities are cake making, crafts (I am awful at this but in my head I am Kristie Allsop) and face painting.

Cake making always ends up with Chloe eating everything before we have started and getting impatient that it is not ready NOW!

Arts and crafts starts of well, the first 10 seconds go exactly like I imagined it would and then Chloe either gets bored and wonders off and I finish off making whatever Pinterest based idea I have had. Or She wants to “help”!

Face painting at home always ALWAYS involves mummy having her face painted by Chloe. I don’t mind, but there is always the risk that the door is going to go and you will have to answer it with a multi coloured face.



I’d love to hear what your go to activities are for indoor fun.

Mummy Em x


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