A letter to a very special mouse

I found a site on Facebook that gives you an address for you to write to any Disney character and you receive a personalised response.


Now, I am not 100% sure that this will get a reply but for the Β£1.05 it has cost me to send to Florida what is there to lose.

Chloe loves Mickey Mouse at the moment so he was our obvious choice of whom to write to. But just think of all the others, Buzz Light Year, Woody, Elsa,Olaf and so on.

FIngers crossed it does work and we do get a reply as this would make another nice Christmas tradition to go with our letter from Santa.


I will keep you posted!

Mummy Em x


2 thoughts on “A letter to a very special mouse

  1. I’ve never heard of this. I can’t wait to see if they write back. Freya loves getting post and getting something from her favourite character would blow her mind! #MMBC


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