Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

I was probably a little more excited than a 34-year-old should be at making Magic reindeer food today. Chloe on the other hand as usual was more interested in eating the ingredients.

I had seen this last year but Chloe was too small to understand, now she is almost 3 she is starting to understand a little bit more, and as you know I do like to start a new tradition in the Devere House!

So here is what you will need:

  • Porridge oats

  • Glitter (we used red & green)

  • Hundred & thousands

  • Sugar

  • Bags ( we used card bags from a craft shop which are used for making home-made cards but food bags would work just as well)

The poem:

Make a wish and close your eyes tight

Then sprinkle on your lawn at night

So when Santa’s reindeer’s roam and fly

This food will guide them to your home

Then mix all then ingredients together and bag up with the poem attached. I have made some tags with names on as some will be gifts and some are for Chloe and her Cousins Christmas Eve boxes.

Ta Dah!!!!

I can’t wait for Christmas now.

Mummy Em x



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