20 things to do to make you feel festive


As you may have guessed I LOVE Christmas.

If you need help getting in to the festive spirit here are my 20 things I recommend you do….

  1. Watch ALL the Christmas films  Christmas Movie Checklist

  2. Have a festive hot chocolate or coffee from Costa/Starbucks

  3. Enjoy a mince-pie

  4. Buy a festive smelling candle

  5. Have a festive tipple – my choice is Bailey’s

  6. Have a boogie to some Christmas music – you can’t beat a bit of Wham Last Christmas

  7. Do some Christmas shopping

  8. Arrange secret Santa

  9. Host a Christmas children’s tea party

  10. Write a letter to Santa Letter to Santa

  11. Do festive arts and crafts

  12. Buy Christmas jumpers/PJ’s  – matching if possible

  13. Make Christmas Eve boxes

  14. Start a new family tradition Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

  15. Do a book advent calendar

  16. Visit a Christmas market

  17. Make festive cakes and biscuits

  18. Visit Santa’s grotto

  19. Put fairy lights up – EVERYWHERE!

  20. Make a gingerbread house

I’d love to hear what you do to get you in the festive spirit.

Mummy Em x


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