10 signs you’re a mum

Mum’s are very easy to spot even when they don’t have a crying child glued to their hip.

I think every mother comes to a point where it dawns on them that they are actually a real life mum.

Her are my 10 things/signs that I am a mum.

1. A 5 minute uninterrupted shower is heavenly.

2. You get ridiculously excited when your child eats something that isn’t chicken bloody nuggets.

3. A trip to the supermarket without a small person feels like a treat.

4. Sleeping past 8.am feels like a lay in. (No matter what time you went to sleep)

5. You go shopping for yourself and buy diddle squat for you but Β£50 on stuff for your small person.

6. New slippers or pj’s feels like a major reward.

7. You look in your wardrobe and realise most stuff has an elasticated waist.

8. To you Converse trainers go with everything and you are totally on trend and down with the kids especially if they are slightly blinging.

9. Your handbag will now resemble Mary Poppins bag with a never ending supply of wipes, tissues, dummies and snacks.

10. Privacy is a thing of the past. Even having a pee in peace will become a luxury!

I’d love to hear if you have any to add.

Mummy Em x


2 thoughts on “10 signs you’re a mum

  1. Haha I just snuck out to the supermarket and left my son with my husband – might have treated myself to a sneaky coffee & 5 mins peace while I was there!

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