Festive fun at Westfield


Today we headed to Westfield to start our festive fun with Auntie Lisa and Lizzie, they had loads of free events on which  is one of my favourite kind of events.


We started of having a caricature done of the girls (free) which was set in the middle of the shopping area in a lovely little surround with fake snow, a sleigh and trees and present, perfect for pictures.

Then we headed off to the elf workshop to make stockings. This was great fun. The girls got a free elf hat and had their cheeks painted to look like elves. They each got a stocking to decorate as well as other activities including write a letter to Santa and make your own elf decoration.

After lunch and a wonder around the shops (well its rude not too when in Westfield!) We headed outside to see what other festive treats we could find.

We found a festive fairy that was taking pictures outside Santa’s Grotto(again free), and the girls had their picture taking with Kung Fu Panda (not sure how Christmassy this is?). And finally on the way to the station we stopped to listen to the live band playing on a bandstand.

We are now feeling very Festive (and tired) and can’t wait for the rest of our festive outings we have planned.

Hope you have all had a great day.

Mummy Em x


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