Christmas Eve boxes


I have always loved the idea of a Christmas Eve box and now that Chloe is a little bit older I thought I would have a go at making one for her and her Cousin Lizzie.

There is an endless section of things that can go in a Christmas Eve box but I have stuck to new pyjamas (a Christmas Eve must at any age), Christmas biscuits, Reindeer food, a new Christmas drink bottle for milk or hot chocolate, a DVD, colouring box and a small toy.

The basket is from Aldi which comes with tissue paper already shredded, a bow and the wrapping for a very reasonable £4.99. The other bits are all from Tiger, which is one of my favourite stores, especially for doing bits like this. And the pyjamas are from Toys’ R Us, they have a great range of clothing in store.

The kit took in all about 30 minutes to make up and I am really chuffed with the outcome and cant wait to see the girls faces on Christmas Eve.

I would highly recommend this if you have little ones this Christmas, it can contain obsolutley anything you want and is a nice extra gift, and you can make it as big or small as you like.This will defiantly be added to the ever-increasing list of Devere Christmas traditions!

Love Mummy Em x


One thought on “Christmas Eve boxes

  1. Great idea. My boys are big enough this year (at least the older one) to have a Christmas Eve hamper and I am just in the process of putting one together for them.

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