Magical elf door


As you may have realised I LOVE Christmas and all the little bits and bobs that go with it and my list of family traditions is increasing at a rate  of 1 a week!

Chloe is at a great age where she is excited for Christmas and is starting to understand what happens and I want to do everything to make Christmas a magical time for her and what better way then a  magical elf door.

I picked this one up from The Works for £2. It comes with a glitter and a a little key as well as a scroll for you to write a letter for  Santa. The idea is you leave a letter for santa and then the elves  come and take it and they leave glitter so you know they have been.
Chloe was super impressed when I come home with it and we spent ages finding the right space for it to be placed, we settled on mummy and daddy’s bedroom.

Each morning Chloe checks to see if the elves have been and then wonders off  and says “not yet Mummy”.

Christmas really is super special when you have children.

Mummy Em x


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