Please welcome the terrible twos!!


I thought we had been lucky and had missed the terrible twos. I actually felt a little smug about it. Oh how wrong was I?!

It would seem that just 2 months before turning 3 my well behaved daughter has been replaced with a devil child, I actually think during one melt down her head done a full 360 like something out of the Exorcist!!!!

Yes we are now  in full terrible twos with all guns blazing it would seem. Everything  EVERYTHING is the end of the world from getting dressed to eating dinner.

Bedtimes have gone from being slightly crazy to absolute bedlam. There is begging (me) tears (sometimes me) asking for random crap, tears because we can’t do something  (whistle!) sudden hunger (oh if only she had eaten her dinner) you name it she needs it at bedtime.

Bathtime has turned in to a battle. when did my life become pleading with a smaller version of myself to get in to the God damn bath?!

Even trying to get a photo is enough to push her over the edge.

My smugness has now disappeared!
Mummy Em x


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