Winter Wonderland


On Saturday we went to Winter Wonderland with Lisa & Lizzie, this was our special Christmas outing with the girls and boy was it special.

We booked in to see the Sooty show, we said it was for the girls but I think really me and Lisa enjoyed it more! It was fab and just the right amount of time to keep the girls entertained, and was really interactive. I think Sooty has a new fan in Chloe.

After the show we had a little mooch around the various stalls which sold all different things from Christmas decorations to sweets. We packed a picnic and found somewhere to stop for lunch before deciding where to head next.

There are loads of food stalls if you want to eat there selling a wide variety of food and drinks.

The one downside of Winter Wonderland is that the map is absolutely useless and we spent most of the day walking around trying to find where we needed to be.

We tried to get in to see Santa but it was a 2 hour que, and although the girls had been really good all day I didn’t think it was very fair for them to wait in the cold for 2 hours so we went on the big wheel instead. For 2 adults and a child (Chloe was free) it was £22 which I think was really reasonable and you can have your photo taken on your way in and collect on the way out, for 2 photos  it was £8 and again I thought this was reasonable.

The girls loved it up on the wheel and we were lucky that it was a lovely bright clear day and the views of London were stunning.

We had a final walk around but it was starting to get cold so the girls went on a ride, and obviously when out with these 2 a soft toy (or 2) has to be purchased.

If you are looking for something to do to get you in the Christmas spirit I would 100% recommend heading to Hyde Park. And of course you MUST have a hot chocolate when you go to any Christmas events.

fb_img_1480873654857Mummy Em x


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