What mum’s really want for Christmas

Yes I would love a designer handbag or watch for Christmas, who wouldn’t?

But as a mum to an active 2 year old what I would really like for Christmas is the following;

1. bedtime to go smoothly just one night. Why oh why are bedtimes so hard? There are tears, tantrums, and umpteen request for water, lalas, you name it they need it at bedtime.

2. To use the toilet in peace. I can honestly say that I can’t remember when I used the toilet  (at home) without an audience. Why my toddler thinks me on the toilet is the best show on earth I will never know.

3. A shower that last longer than 3 minutes. I jump in the shower and I am convinced I can hear banging and crashing so I jump out and all is well. or there is the other (more scary) sound of silence, and we all know that silence means only one thing when a toddler is involved.

4. A lie in. Ooh how I miss a lie in. I’m not asking for 11am, hell I’d be happy with 9.00am. Even when you do get the odd lay in you feel guilty as you can hear what sounds like  bomb going of in the kitchen, so you land up just looking through Facebook & Instagram.

5. A handbag that doesn’t contain an endless trail of baby crap.  At anyone time in my handbag there will be a pack of wipes, a pull up nappy, numerous dummies, toys, snacks and juice. what happened to having my stuff in my bag?

In all honestly you have more chance of Tom Hardy showing up with a Chanel bag for you, than the above happening!

Mummy Em x


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