Mini Christmas pudding truffles


How cute are these little truffles? I got the recipe from a Nigella cookbook, and who doesnt love Nigella at Christmas time?

These truffles are super yummy and super easy to make. Here is how:

What you will need

  • x2 bars of plan chocolate
  • x1 bar of white chocolate
  • x1 Christmas pudding
  • x1 tablespoon of golden syrup
  • Decorations for the top


What to do:

  • Heat the pudding for around 1 minute, just to make it soft for mixing
  • Melt both bars of plain chocolate and add with the syrup to the pudding and mix well
  • Roll into golf/ping-pong ball shapes and place in the fridge until firm
  • Once firm remove from fridge and dip the top in the melted white chocolate
  • Place decorations on top
  • Return to fridge until set


Yummy treats which you can keep for yourself or give as beautiful homemade gifts.

Hope you enjoy.

Mummy Em x



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