Elf workshop & Santas grotto at Bedfords Park



It is not Christmas until you have been to see Santa in his grotto, and where better to go to see him then our favourite place, Bedfords Park with our favourite people.

For Β£8 per child they got an hour of arts and crafts in the elf workshop making decorations and a twig Christmas tree, plus a trip to see Santa (with a free gift bag) and a bag of carrots for the reindeer’s.

The grotto was really nicely set out and the elves took you on a little trip outside for you to find your way in to the grotto. his was Chloe’s first time meeting Santa and it could have gone good or bad, luckily she liked him!

Once we had finished in the grotto we collected our bag of carrots and made our way out in to the fog to find the reindeer’s. Although they were slow to come to the fence once they got a sniff of the carrots they were soon on their way, and come really close to the fence eating the carrots from people’s hands. It was just a shame it was so foggy. unfortunately we didn’t get to see the stag.

As it was so foggy we couldn’t really explore the park, which was a little disappointing as it was Mr D’s first visit so I was a little sad we couldn’t take him exploring, but we will be back. .

We are really feeling in the festive mood now. Roll on next weekend.

Mummy Em x


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