Our first Build A Bear experience


Yesterday we went to Build A Bear in Westfield for a Birthday treat for Chloe from Uncle Peter, Auntie Lisa and big Cousin Lizzie. This was out first time to Build A Bear and we (I) cant wait to go back.

The whole experience is fun from the start and Chloe is at a great age now where she enjoys doing things like this. When you walk in you pick your bear you want stuffed, and there is loads to choose from. There is the standard teddy bears/animals or characters from My Little Pony and Minions. Chloe went for a cat, which surprised me as she is Minion mad.

Once you have picked your teddy you move on to the stuffing station which is where the fun starts. This part is great for the little ones as they can help with the process and put their foot on the pedal and fill their bear. You can also have a heart put in that beats, this is really cute and they get you to make a wish and give it a kiss before it is sewed into the teddy. You can have extras like a personalised message.

Once it is filled you then go over the washing area to give them a good brush.

Next stop is clothes shopping! There is every outfit you can think of, plus accessories. There is PJ’s, dresses, shoes, trousers, bags, hats. Plus a whole range of super hero clothes and accessories. Chloe picked a Happy Birthday t-shirt.

Final stage is making a birth certificate and giving your teddy a name, Chloe’s is called Cat! This is then printed at the till and put in the bag when you pay.

It is a really great place for all ages, and you can have birthday parties there. It does get really busy thou so be ready to que up and spend at least an hour in the shop. It does also work out expensive so I would defiantly make this a special event visit.

Thanks for reading.

Mummy Em x


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