360 Play Basildon **Review**


Yesterday for Chloe’s birthday we decided to go to 360 Play in Basildon, from our house it only takes 30 minutes and got great reviews online so we thought we would try it our. Here is what we thought.

If you haven’t been before you have to complete a registration form and all people in your party have to be registered, this is for a one off fee of £5. You will then be issued a membership card which you will need each time you check in and out. Then the entry fee was £7.50 for Chloe and £3.50 each for me and Mr D. I love that it is very security minded and you have to go out the way you go and a member of staff has to signyou out.

Inside there is 2 floors of entertainment for children. On the ground floor there is a 4 storey soft play area which Chloe loved, there are slides, rope swings, a ball pit everything they could want and need.

Also on the ground floor is a messy play area. Chloe didn’t want to go in here, but from what I saw it looked great and they provide aprons and everything.

There is also bumper cars, which is included in the initial entry price. Chloe and Mr D went on these, it was all going well until Mr D wouldn’t let Chloe drive and she had a bit of a melt down.

Finally on the ground floor is the café. There is plenty of seating all around the ground floor and on the first floor. The menu has a wide section of hot and cold food, including a full English breakfast, burgers, sandwiches and kids meals. The prices were very reasonable as well. The only downside was that the tables were not very clean and I had to wipe down the table before we could sit down.

There is also a great outdoor area that has a massive climbing frame, role play huts and a water area with small boats (life jackets provided) We will be making a return visit in the summer.

On the first floor was my favourite part, this is where the role play area is. There was a school, post office, dressing up area, shop, garage, vets and a Lego area.

Chloe is starting to enjoy dressing up now and her favourite area was the vets as she loves playing with animals.

There was even a rock climbing wall which was made to look like a castle. This was for children a little bigger than Chloe, but looked great fun.

They also had a carousel on this floor, again this is all included in the price and they can ride as many times as they want, although as I had to go on with her once was more than enough!

For the little ones there is a smaller soft play area on this floor as well.

Again there was plenty of seating around the whole area and there was lockers available for coats etc. which I wish we had taken advantage of instead of carrying around coats and bags and a dolly.


We stayed for almost 2 hours which was more than enough time. I would advise that if you are going on a weekend or during the holidays you arrive early as by the time we left at just gone midday it was getting really busy and the que to get in was getting bigger.

All in all it was a great day out and great value for money especially as it is unlimited play.

Mummy Em x






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