Our week 9/1 -15/1/18

This week has mainly been about getting ready for Chloe’s birthday celebrations.

I have made myself broody looking at baby photos of Chloe, it seems so long ago yet I can remember it so clearly. I soon snap out of it when tidy my living room for what feels like the 10th time in an hour!

This week’s trying to be healthy has gone out the window. Although I did make soup in the week and last night instead of getting a takeaway I made grilled tuna with veg and rice.

There has also been alot of faffing on my blog appearance, I think I’ve finally got it how I want it. I’d love your option on the changes.

Today has been an indoors day as it’s so cold and miserable out and I am desperately trying to find homes for all these toys. 

I’m looking forward to Chloe hopefully having an early night so I can watch Sherlock.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Mummy Em x 


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