Pros & cons of soft play 

Any parent that says they enjoy soft play is lying. 

But like most things there are pros and cons to an afternoon at the germ farm…

Pro: hot coffee

Con: other people

Pro: an hour of dicking around on your phone while your child runs around like a rabid animal 

Con: other people 

Pro: your child running around for an hour like a headless chicken means they will (hopefully) sleep well that night

Con: other people (oh and the sleep thing probably won’t happen either)

Pro: feeling impressed when your child manages to come away from soft play without A. Hurting themselves B. Another child

Con: other people

Then there is the added bonus of coming away with a headache and probably a stomach bug or a cold at the very least which they don’t charge you any extra for!

Soft play most parents hell on earth.

Mummy Em x 


15 thoughts on “Pros & cons of soft play 

  1. My daughter loves going to indoor playgrounds! I do cringe thinking about all the snot, drool and bathroom hands, but I guess that’s just part of being a kid.

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  2. I didn’t know what soft play was either! Haha. The germs freak me out but it’s so much fun fir the little ones! My son is way too fast and crazy, though, to play around on the phone. All hands, feet and eyes on deck!


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