Good cop Vs Bad cop


I definitely think there has to be a good cop and a bad cop when it comes to parenting.

I am the “bad cop” and by this I mean I am the one who says when its bedtime, I am the one that repeatedly says (yells, begs, cries) eat your dinner, I am the one that says have a banana instead of a bag of crisps. I am surprised that this is my role as I never see myself as the “bad cop” when I thought of having children. In my mind I was going to be the fun one.

Mr D as you may have guessed is the “good cop” he will say really helpful things like, half an hour longer wont do any harm at bedtime, or yes of course here is another bag of crisps (after bad cop has said no more crisps). Mr D AKA Good cop is also good at winding Chloe up with a wrestling match, again before bedtime, so mummy has to put her bad cop hat on and ruin the fun.

To officially make me general bad cop I tend not to bow to tantrums especially when out and about, and try to ignore the stares from strangers. Good cop daddy on the other hand is not as strong and will do anything to avoid a scene to the point where Chloe has even managed to get a ride in Mini from Toys R US!

However I am 100% sure that once Chloe turns in to teenager Mr D will turn in to a sergeant major things will be much different and I will be the fun parent!

Mummy Em x




5 thoughts on “Good cop Vs Bad cop

  1. haha – good luck with that! Mine are 14 and 12 now, and i still have to be be bad cop. They have Dad exactly where they want him. If I go out it’s junk food, 15 rated movies and stay up till midnight…. i go to bed and leave them to it

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  2. We take it in turns. If one of us asks the kids to do something the other will ‘appear’ to be on the kids side, then from that position persuade them to do whatever they were protesting in the first place! I love a bit of reverse psychology!

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  3. Hi Em, parenting is hard. I’d describe myself as a flexible cop. When my two were little I was flexible, and they knew it. They pretty much did as asked as they knew there were consequences, which were dictated by how they behaved. An extra story at bedtime if they were ready nice and early and without fuss or maybe a family film and something nice at the end of a busy day if they were good. Playing up and causing a fuss only resulted in me taking a deep breath and walking away.

    Reading that maybe I was the bad cop!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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