Homemade vegetable and chicken nuggets 

I thought I would try my hand at making some home made nuggets with hidden vegetables in order to get Chloe eating some extra veg, and in my silly mummy mind getting her to help would make her want to eat them. This was not the case and she did not even attempt them!

If you would like to make them with more success here is the recipe:

What you will need

  • Carrots 
  • Broccoli 
  • Sweetcorn
  • Chicken (I used left over roast chicken)
  • Salt & pepper
  • X1 egg
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Garlic granules 

What you do

  • In a food mixer blitz the carrots Sweetcorn Broccoli and chicken
  • Transfer to a bowl and add an egg and the Breadcrumbs (leave some to coat) with salt pepper and garlic granules 
  • Combine the mixture and then roll in to balls and pat flat
  • Cover both sides in breadcrumbs and put on a baking tray
  • Cook at gas mark 7 for 20 minutes 

Hopefully you little one will at least attempt them!

Mummy Em x 


3 thoughts on “Homemade vegetable and chicken nuggets 

  1. I had a go at making chicken nuggets recently. I tried to experiment using cornflakes and pesto sauce a la Annabel Karmel. Unfortunately, both girls didn’t like it. I might give this a try next time.

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