5 reasons your doing awesome

more-awesome-than-a-double-rainbow_4663-l1Some days parenting is hard, in fact it is the toughest job in the world and some days you sail through like a pro and think you actually know what you are doing.

It is easy some days to think of all the bad parts of the day, all the times when you have said no, or raised your voice or your little one went to bed crying (this is the hardest for me).

We are all to quick to judge ourselves as parents especially on the days when it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows and we forget all the good things that have happened, and we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back.

So for anyone that needs it here are  reasons you are doing awesome;

  1. This is the most important one – You made a fricking person, that in itself is a miracle! I think when you leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy you should get a medal for giving life. I mean come on its pretty awesome.
  2. Don’t stress about if your little one should be having breast or bottle, only eating organic food. FED IS BEST! Did you feed your child today? Yes? Winner!
  3. Routine. Yes routine is important but it is not the be all and end all. Does your child really need to be in a sleep routine at 10 days old, will it affect them in later life? NO! Don’t stress. As long as your baby sleeps life is good.
  4. Guess what? Your child does not care one little bit if you have not had a shower, have not washed your hair for a week, or shaved your legs for a month. They think you are the best thing since sliced bread.
  5. To your child you are the best climbing frame, tickle monster, shadow catcher. You are the funniest person they know. They wont remember the times you said no, or the times you didn’t give them a 2nd bag of crisps. They will remember the times you went puddle jumping in the rain or when you taught them how to ride a scooter.

I promise you, all those nights you spend laying awake thinking of all the bad points of the day your little one is dreaming of all the adventures you have had and doing it all again with you tomorrow because to them you are AWESOME!

Mummy Em x


2 thoughts on “5 reasons your doing awesome

  1. Aww I love this! Really made my day 💋 sometimes it is really hard to not get into your head your doing everything wrong. Yesterday I worried if I was feeding him the right foods today I worried that I sat him in his highchair playing by himself too long while I sorted all the washing out! We will always worry but at the end of the day like you say, if we’re doing are best, if they are loved, fed and alive then we’re doing a great job!!
    Well done mums xx

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