Living with A

Anxiety is a bitch.

Everyone has a slight bit of anxiety it is our bodies natural reaction to fear. But for some it is with you everyday like your shadow.

I have always had anxiety at different levels since I was a teenager and since getting older it has got worse. When I was younger my way of dealing with it was to overthink what was making me anxious as in my mind the outcome could not be as bad as I had played it out in my mind, and for the most part it worked fine.

Since my late 20’s my levels of anxiety have increased. Sometimes I know what has caused it and what to do to resolve it other days it hits me like a lightning bolt and it literally feels like I may have a heart attack. I feel sick and light headed and have 100 thoughts running through my head. And then as quick as it come it slinks away.

My anxiety hit an all time high just after Chloe was born. I would just lay awake at night watching her breath and checking her. I went to the Dr with her what felt like every week panicking at the slightest thing. I remember when she done her first poo explosion waking Mr D up in a blind panick crying, something so simple seemed like the hardest thing and I felt clueless.

Even now the slightest thing can send my mind into a tail spin and I feel the grip on my shoulders. It passes always as quickly has it comes thank goodness but boy do I wish it would sod off for good!

Mummy Em x 


4 thoughts on “Living with A

  1. You’re not alone Emma. I have also had low level anxiety for most of my adult life, although I have my own fairly well under control now, and can usually talk myself down from a panic attack with meditation techniques and distraction. But now my teenage daughter has extreme anxiety too and i have to talk her down from her panic attacks without setting myself off. It seems like anxiety is everywhere in the modern world

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  2. Definitely not alone in this, mine peaked a few years ago and I was having awful panic attacks. It’s come back since my feet fiasco but I’m hoping that I say stay goodbye to the pills after that’s all done x

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