Oh no it’s a Gruffalo


One of best things about having kids, is that you get to be a big kid yourself g like to much of fool, and the Gruffalo trail has been on my wish list of places to visit for ages.

It is set in Thorndon Country Park Brentwood, http://www.visitparks.co.uk/places/thorndon-country-park/ which from where we are is just over half hour away. The park is free to get in but you do have to pay for parking which personally I thought was expensive, we paid Β£4 for 3 hours.

When we arrived we headed straight to the visitors centre to grab a coffee and a map for the trail, and to wait for the rain to pass. The visitors centre was really nice and the staff were lovely and welcoming.

Chloe was eager to get going so off we went to find the Gruffalo, in the rain! The trail is really easy to follow and we didn’t really need the map. Luckily as it was raining the park was pretty empty and we were able to take our time around the trail taking photos without feeling rushed.

Me & Mr D were more excited than Chloe when we spotted the Gruffalo through the trees, she didn’t seem that fussed at all, I don’t know if she was expecting the Gruffalo to be walking around or something different?

We continued our way around the trail which in all took about 45 minutes. It was a shame it was raining as we would have spent a lot longer walking around the rest of the park, but Chloe wasn’t enjoying the rain and a grumpy toddler is not fun. But will be coming back in the spring with a picnic to do a bit more exploring.

If you haven’t been to meet the Gruffalo what are you waiting for?

Mummy Em x



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