Natural History Museum **Review**


I am gonna put it out there straight away, hands down Natural History Museum  is my favourite day out! I mean what is there not to enjoy?

Museums when you were younger always seemed boring. You would go on a school trip and it all seemed so regimented. Fun and museum were two words that never went together. However that has all changed now everything is interactive.

The museum is in South Kensington, and is next to the Science Museum and opposite the V&A. It opens at 10.00am, and like most museums now it has free entry but they do ask for a donation. We arrived a little before 10 and there was a que to get in but that moved quickly and by ten past we were in the museum. I would imagine on weekends and school holidays it becomes busier so be prepared to que.


We headed straight to the dinosaur section. Like most of the museum it is interactive and there is loads to see and it is great for little ones like Chloe and big ones like Mr D. There is even a robotic dinosaur that “comes to life” every 10 minutes which Mr D loved!

Next stop was the creepy crawlies and birds, again this was really great for the kids and there was loads of interactive things such as magnifying glasses to inspect the insects and videos to watch about different spiders.

The bird section had every type of bird you could think of and has lots of interesting facts dotted about regarding the different species.

In the corridor we meet the fossil lady, telling the story of Mary Anning from Lyme Regis, she discovered the first complete fossil of a prehistoric reptile in Great Britain – at the age of twelve.

One of the best parts was the section regarding earth. It was all about volcanoes, earthquakes, stars, they even have a simulator to show you what happens when an earthquake hits. There is a really cool escalator that goes up in to the main part of this section that looks like you are going up in to the earth.


The great thing about the museum is it is so easy to navigate around. Every section is colour coded. So the creepy crawlies and birds are in the green section, the mammals are blue, makes it much easier to find where you need to be especially when you have little ones in tow.

Chloe’s favourite part was the mammals, which I think was probably Mr D’s as well. They had so much in this area and I would say this one section made the whole trip worth while for us. Chloe loved seeing the elephants and was thrilled listen to them on earphones. There was even a full-scale blue whale that hang above everything which was amazing, I never really realised exactly how big they are.

When you get peckish there are a number of cafes and restaurants inside the museum. We took a picnic with us and there is a large picnic area with plenty of seating available, they also have a coffee shop in the this area. I would say if you are planning to have a picnic you will have to check the times as there are lots of school trips to the museum and a lot of the seating is reserved for the schools. We headed down just after 2pm which meant we missed the rush.

If you are looking for a fun day out in London I would 100% recommend that you go to the Natural History Museum. We will be heading back in the summer to so we can go explore the gardens.

Mummy Em x




6 thoughts on “Natural History Museum **Review**

  1. Looks like a really fun day with the kids. I loved going as a kid and cant wait to take my daughter. What time do you think is best to go? I’ve seen massive queues outside and want to avoid that with a toddler as much as possible.

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    1. I’d get there early. There are two entrances we went through the back which took us straight to the dinosaurs and I’d imagine this side is busier as this is the part that kids tend to be more interested in. If your going with a toddler I’d recommend going in the week. Hope you enjoy it x


  2. The Natural History Museum was always my favourite as a child and I loved it with my own children too. It’s always been a hands on place. Now my children are growing out of it, and I’m going to miss the place – until my grandchildren come along….

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