Baby essentials & non essentials


When you have a baby it can be a bit of a minefield when you look round the baby stores and in the magazines at all the things they tell you to buy to make your life easier.

The truth is most of it is useless and just takes up room or last only a few weeks/months.

Here is my list of the essentials which I couldn’t have lived without and the non essentials that made me think why did I bother!



Baby wipes: These are the BEST thing ever. I still use them now and Chloe is 3. They can be used for baby, for cleaning up sick, or for having a quick clean for one of the many visitors you are going to have.

Tommy Tippee perfect prep machine: This literally saved my life. It is my number 1 product recommendation if anyone ask me what to buy. Night feeds were made slightly easier with this.

Baby grows and vests: If you think you have enough, buy more. For the first few weeks your baby will live in these, and is there anything cuter then a baby in an all white baby grow. There will be times your baby will do a poonami and poo will literally explode out the top of the baby grow, just throw the whole suit away, don’t even think of washing it.

Swing: This was the only thing Chloe would sleep in for the first 6 months. I remember when we went to Devon when Chloe was 3 months and we didn’t take it with us, Mr D was almost made to drive 6 hours home to collect it!

Anti Colic bottles: Chloe suffered with Colic & reflux when she was a baby, and we tried every bottle available. We found MAM bottles to be the best. What I loved about them is they were great for travelling as you can put them in the microwave to sterilise them.

Changing bag: I would recommend you get one that you like and is pretty as this will be your handbag for the next 2 years!



Bumbo chair: These got such a great review when I was pregnant and so I jumped on the bandwagon and got one. what an absolute waste of money. Firstly Chloe’s legs seemed to get squashed in it, and she could tip over in it!

Changing mat: These are a waste of time. As long as it is clean, dry you can pretty much change your baby anywhere. Most of the time it will be on your bed in the middle of the night.

Baby bath: This was literally used twice. It is the first thing I think most parents to be buy. It just takes up room. In reality newborns don’t need bathing very often (unless above mentioned poonami happens).

Moses basket: Now I know not everyone will agree with this, but I would say that mosses baskets are a waste of money. If I could do it again I would get one of the new basinets that connects to the bed. Another downside of the moses basket is that babies grow out of them quickly.

I would love to hear what are your essentials and non essentials for babies are.

Mummy Em x


8 thoughts on “Baby essentials & non essentials

  1. Yes! The prep machine is a life saver makes life so much easier with a new born. Baby wipes are a must I use them for everything including my make up haha. I do love a Moses basket though all 3 of mine have slept well in them. I do think them muslin squares are amazing too. Great for popping on you shoulder when winding because bibs just aren’t big enough for what some times comes out of them little people haha xx

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  2. I’d add muslin cloths to the list of essentials! When I was pregnant, I didn’t see what use they would be really, or even what they were for, but I couldn’t have been without them. 3 years later, they also make excellent tea towels! I never wanted a Moses basket but two or three days before I was due I saw one on Facebook going dead cheap so I Snaffled it up and I was glad I did as it was a complete life saver, but if I had a baby again I would probably do the same as you suggested. Ray x

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  3. I bought a baby bath for my firstborn but my youngest got bathed in the sink! I had loads of things for my eldest that I didn’t really need. I think a changing mat is essential due to numerous wee and poo incidents!

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