Chloe the threenager 

Chloe never really went through the “terrible twos” and to be honest I never really noticed any change from her going from a 1 year old to 2, but boy oh boy I have noticed her turning 3!

Pretty much immediately I could see the change. There are tantrums over pretty much everything.  And she seems to have an answer for everything. I actually found myself arguing with her that it wasn’t raining outside, (it was a lovely sunny day outside) when did my life become arguing with a smaller version of myself about the weather?

I have also noticed the cheekiness has increased. She is defiently realising what buttons to press to get a reaction and has also learnt that Mr D is the softer one and will give in to her request of another bag of crisps.

I can honestly say so far this is the most challenging stage, I’d go as far as to say newborn was easier than having a 3 year old.

Now if you don’t mind I have a bossy 3 year old to go and argue with about the colour of the sky.

Mummy Em x 


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