Our week 27/2 -5/3/17

This week has been the quietest we have had for months.

Mr D has been poorly with am awful bug that’s doing the rounds. In order that me and Chloe did not catch it I have been sleeping on the sofa and have gone slightly OCD washing and bleaching everything.

Obviously the highlight of the week was pancake day. Chloe was more interested in the flipping of the pancakes then the actual eating. 

This weekend we have been indoors as the weather has been awful. I am actually looking forward to work tomorrow to sit down and enjoy a coffee in peace.

Potty training is not going great. Chloe is good at going on potty when she has no nappy on but put knickers on her and she thinks it’s a nappy and pees in them. And there was also a pee on the kitchen table incident!!

Next week we are back to our busy self’s and I can not wait to get out and about.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Mummy Em x 


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