SAHM I salute you!

Now I would like to say 1 thing before I start,  I love my daughter with every fibre of my body but boy oh boy A WHOLE WEEKEND INDOORS is bloody hard work.

As I have mentioned before Chloe is potty training and when we are indoors she doesn’t wear a nappy or knickers to get her use to go to the toilet, this usually goes without a hitch apart from yesterday when she decided to sit on the kitchen table and do a wee! Yes you read that right.

There is also the constant request for food and drink. Sometimes I think she has worms the amount she eats. 

Oh and let’s not forget the utter crap TV you will be forced to watch. YouTube is a favourite with Chloe in particular the annoying videos of eggs being open or a talking pizza that she finds hilarious.

Finally my favourite part of being indoors with a 3 year old ALL WEEKEND is the tantrums. You have never seen real rage until you tell a 3 year old they can not have/do something. Some days I am surprised Chloe’s head doesn’t do a full 360.

For once I am actually looking forward to work tomorrow for a break and a coffee in peace!

Mummy Em x 


3 thoughts on “SAHM I salute you!

  1. I went from SAHM to full-time working mum back to SAHM and I have to say, I forgot how hard it is at times!! I really struggled after the Christmas Holidays with Mr Me back at work but it only took me about 6-8 weeks to get used to it LOL xo


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