I’ve become shouty mama 

I think when your child hits 3 your inner shouty mama is released  to the world. If you have a 3 year old and your shouty mama has not been released your are either super human or a man.

I find myself repeating myself continuously for the most simple of tasks which starts of all happy and playful and ends up with me mumbling under my breath a swear word and then shouting for Chloe to put her sodding shoes on!

When out in public I try my very hardest to keep shouty mama tucked away as no one wants to see shouty mama around Tesco. We’ve all seen her down the sweet Isle it’s not pretty. But sometimes just sometimes shouty mama has to come out like when they make a made dash towards the road after telling them to stand still while you have a bazillion bags or when they insist on pushing the shopping trolley and then ramming it in to as many other shoppers as possible.

And although your little one will go to bed without giving shouty mama another thought, shouty mama will spend the rest of the evening wishing she had done it differently and vowing to keep shouty mama inside tomorrow.

Mummy Em x 


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