Our week 13/3 -19/3/2017

This week has been a very productive week. Made all the better by the sun shining and Mr D having some time off work.

On Monday we went to Hainault Forest in the afternoon,  it was like a summers day in the sunshine. I really can’t wait for the nicer weather to arrive.

Chloe is still fully in the threenanger mode and testing both me and Mr D.

Mr D had some good news work wise which made me excited for the future and very proud of him.

Yesterday I popped to Aldi and purchased some lovely new stationary to go with my ever increasing pile which is just to look pretty not to actually use.

Today we headed to Bedfords Park to fed the deer and had a lovely surprise to bump into Auntie Lisa Uncle Peter and Lizzie. Chloe was so excited to have her partner in crime with her to explore the park.

The afternoon was finished off by a lovely roast dinner just what was needed after a big walk in the fresh air.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Mummy Em x 


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