Meet and greet with Paw Patrol


As you may know I love a day out and free day out is at the top of my list. Along with our side kicks Auntie Lisa & big cousin Lizzie.

Our local shopping centre is great for putting on free events for kids every month and this month was story time with Chase & Marshall from Paw Patrol.

It was ticket based and as I work in Ilford I was lucky to be able to get a ticket on the day the were released. There was showings throughout the day with limited spaces each sitting.

It was located in the top of the shopping centre where they usually have the free cinema on and had plenty of seating for the children and the adults.


It was lovely to see the girls so excited as I don’t really think Chloe was quite sure what was going to happen so when she see Chase and Marshall come out on the stage, the look on her face was priceless.

When they come on to the stage with a narrator who read a story and all the children sat so still and quiet throughout, I was amazed.

At the end of the story all the children at the event were able to have their picture with Chase and Marshall which Chloe loved.

If you live in the Ilford area I would defiantly recommend that you keep an eye out for the free events they hold at the Exchange shopping centre as they really are great fun.

Mummy Em x



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