Aldi stationary haul


As I have got older my obsession seems to have gone from handbags to stationary. I don’t know if it is a blogging thing but I can never have enough books, diaries or organisers. None of them are to be used of course they are to look pretty on my desk.

I headed to Aldi at the weekend as they had some lovely little bits on offer. Here is a look at what I got.


How nice is this? it is a to do list booklet, a memo pad, and a lined note-book. All for the great price of £2.99.


I love the look of this set, it is so pretty. I am not sure what these are going to be used for or if they are ever going to be used but for £2.99 I couldn’t refuse them.


This I got because I want to try to do meal planning and I thought this would make it easier and I can keep recipes in side. Again my main reason for buying it was because it was only £2.99 and it looks pretty.

If you have an Aldi near you I would recommend you pop in and grab some of these beauties.

Mummy Em x



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