Goodbye March

March has been a busy old month.

We have had lots of great days out including trips to Bedfords Park and a very excited Chloe got to meet Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol.

Mr D has had some exciting news which makes me  super proud and excited about the future.

There have been lots of family trips out with our faves Lizzie Auntie Lisa and uncle Peter which we always love.

I have finally got a diagnosis for the stomach pains I have been getting for almost a year, turns out I have a hiatus hernia. So just waiting for a Dr appointment to get on the right medication and a change of diet and I should be as good as new.

We have started to tidy the garden to get it ready for the summer months. I did want it done ready for an egg hunt at Easter but it’s not gonna be finished on time!

So long March it’s been fun. Here is to April which brings new adventures and lots of chocolate.

Mummy Em x 


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