Tropical Wings Zoo **Review**

Today Mr D surprised me and Miss Chloe with a trip to Tropical Wings Zoo, and what a great surprise we had a fab time.

We set of early this morning to get there for when it opened at 9.30am to miss the midday rush. From our house it only took 40 minutes. I also packed a picnic as sometimes the food places at these places can be expensive. There was loads of lovely picnic areas doted around and when we decided to have our picnic they were all empty, but then again it was 10.30am!


The entry prices were very reasonable, £11.95 for adults, and children (2-15) £9.95. children under 2 are free. The staff was lovely and gave lots of advice as to what activities were on throughout the day.

When you enter there is a tropical greenhouse area which has loads of butterflies and birds flying around and koi carp which you can feed (bags of food are available to buy for 30p). Some of the butterflies were massive as well as some ridiculously big moths.


There are no big animals such as Tigers but there are Lemurs and monkeys. Before we left we done the lemur talk where you can go into their enclosure. The man doing the talk was really good and even Chloe listened, and remembered what he had said about them.


As you would imagine from the name there are lots of exotic birds from Ravens to Cockatoo as well as lots of beautifully bright and colourful Parrots.


Chloe enjoyed the farm area, which although small had an area you could walk through and Chloe was excited to be able to stroke a goat that was laying in the sun, and was so good with people touching him, he didn’t even move. They also had and area where the children could stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs, but this was closed when were arrived.


After walking round the animals we took a break in the play area, which if you ask Chloe was her favourite part of the day. They had great climbing frames and slides, and a massive sandpit with buckets and spades, which Chloe would have happily stayed in all day.


If you are looking for a great day out that won’t cost the earth and has stuff for all the family then I would recommend you visit Tropical Wings Zoo, you won’t be disappointed.

Mummy Em x


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