Mountfitchet Castle & Toy Museum **Review**

20170414_102504 (1)Easter Holiday means only one thing and that is family time, and this year Mr D actually had time off, so we thought we would make the most of it and headed of to Mountfitchet Castle and Toy Museum in Stanstead, Essex.

We arrived just after it opened at 10.00am, and I am glad we did as when we left around 1pm the que was out the door and in to the car park. For the 3 of us to get in was just over £30, which I did think was a little pricey in comparison to other places we have been to.

As you enter the “castle” area there are loads of animals roaming free, we had purchased a bag of animal food for £1 at the entrance, but I had a bit of a run in with a deer who ripped open my bag and all the food went on the floor, mainly out of fear I was gonna lose my finger. IMG_20170414_160733

We made are way up in to the castle area. There was lots of really educational areas about Medieval times and how people lived, worked and died. Me & Mr D found this really interesting, but Chloe is to young, she was more interested in the peacocks that were roaming around along with the chickens and hens.

As it was Easter they also had an Easter egg hunt, with clues hidden around and stamps to find.

I would recommend if you are going, not to take a pram/pushchair. Although a lot of people did have them it is very hilly and there is a lot of uneven ground.

After we had finished wondering the medieval camp and put Mr D in the stocks we headed off to the café for a coffee and our picnic. The café had a wide variety of food available and some delicious cakes, but we took a picnic so just grabbed a drink and a piece of carrot cake. There was lots of picnic areas located outside and we would have sat outside but it was just a little too cold for me.


Once lunch was finished we headed to the toy museum, which is located to the rear of the castle and for us this was worth the visit and the entry fee alone.

The front of the toy museum is guarded by dinosaurs (not sure why) and as a lovely surprise one of them squirts you with water as you are walking up the hill!


The museum is free to get in to. There is a haunted house which is a £1 entry but it is not for the smaller children, the lady at the front desk said it is pitch dark inside.

The toy museum itself had lots of great stuff, and Mr D was in his element when he come across a massive Star Wars collection. They even had an old bike that once belonged to Princess Diana.

We will be making a return visit in the summer when the weather is better and will make the most of the outdoor space.

If you are looking for something new to do instead of the normal zoo and soft play then this is a great day out.

Mummy Em x


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