Saying goodbye to lala 

This week we decided to bite the bullet and get Chloe to say goodbye to her lala (dummy).

We knew it wasn’t gonna be easy and therefore I had to come up with a fun way to get her to hand them over. I decided to make up a little story that the fairy babies needed them and so I wrote a letter from the fairy queen explaining that she needed Chloe’s lalas for her baby fairies and made a little map for her to follow.

So last night before bed we gathered up all the lalas and put them in a special bag to give to the fairy queen, and today we headed off to Bedfords Park to find the fairies.

We found the perfect secluded area amongst the bluebells, and while Mr D kept her amused with bubbles I set up a little glitter path for Chloe to follow and left a little gift bag as a thank you from the fairy queen for the lalas.

Chloe was so excited and followed the path with her bag of lalas and put them down where her gift was. She done so much better then I thought she would and didn’t even look back. As Mr D and Chloe went off to play with the gifts left by the fairy queen I popped back to collect the lalas to put in the bin and told Chloe that the fairies had flown down to get them. The look on her face was priceless.

I was concerned that in the car journey back she might ask for a lala but she didn’t mention it and hasn’t all afternoon. I have some spare ones for bedtime just incase but fingers crossed she won’t need them.

Mummy Em x 


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