Our week 17/-23/4/2017

This week has been pretty quiet. It was a short week at work for me due to the bank holiday which is always a winner.

I have been busy this week getting organised for an event I am planning in August called The Big Toddle for Barnardos. It is a sponsored walk for little ones. More details about this to follow soon but if you are interested check out my Facebook page- Facebook.com/mummyemblog 

On Saturday morning we headed to Bedfords Park as Chloe has given up her lala ( dummy) she has done so well and hasn’t asked for one which really has surprised me.

She has also cracked (fingers crossed) potty training we have been dry for 3 days and nights.

Yesterday afternoon I had the bright idea of organising Chloe’s room. It always seems a good idea at the time but after 20 minutes I wish I never started.  But Chloe loves it in there now and wants to play in there all the time.

Today has been a quiet one with a bit of shopping followed by a big roast dinner and a game of hungry crocodile. Mr D is doing bathtime so that means there will be more water on the floor  (and him) then left in the bath but at least I won’t have to wash the floor!

I have also binge watched 13 reasons why box set. It is so good. Very sad and the last episode I struggled to watch but if you are looking for a new box set I would highly recommend it.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Mummy Em x 


5 thoughts on “Our week 17/-23/4/2017

  1. I remember the fuss of giving up our dummies, you’d think I’d know what to do after the first one but my middle child loved hers! Dreading the goodbye this time with my third, but she’s only a baby still so we have a while left x

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