15 facts about Miss Chloe


So following on from yesterday’s 20 facts about me I thought I would introduce Miss Chloe a little more, as she is the person this blog is pretty much all about.

1.Chloe arrived 10 days late

2. She was born by emergency C-Section after 14 hours labour

3. She loves all animals but dogs and cats are her favourite

4. Her birth weight was 8lb 5oz

5. Chloe’s full name is Chloe Sandra Devere Hoadley. Her middle name is in memory of Mr D’s mama

6. If you ask Chloe what she would like to do 9 times out of 10 she will say see Lizzie (her cousin)

7. Chloe was at the top of the list for girls names

8. If Chloe had been a boy we liked the name Buster

9. Chloe has been in nursery since the age of 1

10.  As a baby she suffered from reflux, but luckily by the time she started weaning it passed

11. Chloe is a mummy’s girl and we often gang up on Mr D

12. Chloe has already learnt that if mum says no, dad will say yes

13. When Chloe learnt to crawl she use to tuck one leg underneath herself. she looked like she was in the army

14. She is already 100 times cooler then I am ever gonna be

15. She is 3 going on 33 most days. God help me in the teenage years!

So there you have it a little more about the person this blog is all about.

Mummy Em x


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