Our week 24/4 -30/4/2017

And relax!

This week has been long and tiring. The week started off well with the normal work/nursery routine until Wednesday.

We were dropping Miss Chloe at nursery before going to a hospital appointment for Mr D when disaster struck. Mr D  fell up the stairs leading to the nursery and broke his big toe. So now we are a man down in the Devere house!

Chloe has been at nursery full days Wednesday Friday to help Mr D recover which means super long days for her but she has been a superstar. We only had one morning of tears which was a killer for me to go to work afterwards.

Potty training is cracked and we done a day of going out with just big girl knickers on (Chloe not me!) You really have not known real fear until you do your first journey with a nappy free child.

Yesterday I popped in to town and treated myself to a new Mickey Mouse nightie for a ยฃ5 out of Primark. 

Today has been a indoors day. I would like to say it has been relaxing but anyone with a 3 year old would know that those 2 things don’t go together. 

Once madam is in bed me and Mr D are going to try and crack on watching Game of Thrones.

Hope you have all had a great week.

Mummy Em x


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