Parenting is not a competition 

I have noticed a strange thing since becoming a parent and that is that everyone seems in competition each other.

Why when one parent says my child finally slept through the night at 9 months does another parent feel the need to say their child slept through from birth. When you feel on top of the world that your 3 year old has concord potty training does another parent feel it’s their place to tell you how their child was dry day and night by their 2nd birthday.

What part of this boasting  (this is the only name I can think of for it) is helpful. Yes we all like to say how great our child is but sometimes it just feels like trying to get one up on another parent.

Parenting is hard most of the time without others making you feel like crap and perhaps if you do tried a bit hard or done something different your child would have slept through from birth.

What is wrong with just saying well done that’s great and supporting other parents instead of pissing on their parade?!

Mummy Em x 


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