Rave-A-Roo **Review**

Ok, so first things first this review is totally based on my experience and my views.

I found out about Rave-A-Roo on Facebook and the write up looked great. It was advertised as “A mini rave for little ones” and as I love a day out in thought why not?!

The event was held at the iconic Ministry of Sound. This was my first (and last) visit and my first and last rave. I think I can safely say my clubbing days are are behind me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. It was alot small then I imagined and situated  off some back Street near Elephant and Castle station.

When we arrived there was a chance to have photos outside with the Ministry of Sound icon logo which of course we had to do and then we made our way inside.

Inside the club, they had made separate stations for different activities/events. There was the main dance room, a craft area which was just neon stick on tattoos, neon craft (plasticine) and a floating air balloon machine (with about 5 balls) and a bar ( more about this later!) Upstairs was a smaller dance floor and a small VIP area.

We headed to the main room for a dance. There was a stage with a dj and loads of inflatable ducks, frogs and bananas. To begin with Chloe and her friend Henry seemed a little overwelmed by it all but soon warmed up. The music was adult dance music which the kids didn’t seem to mind.

They had various acts on including Jungle Jane. She  got her name because in the 90s she liked jungle music! And a group called GoGoGo! They were like a extremely cheesy SClub7.

There was also a special guest appearance from Chase & Marshall from Paw Patrol which was one of the reasons we went but there was no mention of when they were coming on stage and no announcements to notify they parents so we landed up missing them.

As there were adults and children on the dance floor along with inflatable animals it was a little much so we headed out to the main area to explore a little more.

Now as it is a nightclub there was a bar. Considering it was a children’s event I was shocked that alcohol was sold and in glass bottles. There was no food available only sweets and crisps and the only drinks available for the children  was fruit shoots. I know once you become a parent you are still allowed to drink however I would have thought an event like this aimed at children there would be no alcohol or perhaps I am just a faddy duddy?

Upstairs in the other smaller dance room the kids got their grove on (and mummy) however the music was really loud.  And although on the website it says they check the noise levels are appropriate it was as loud as any normal nightclub I have been to.

I was surprised to see so many small babies there. Literally there must have been at least 20 small babies in carriers strapped to their parents chest. Again I know when you have a child you still have a life and these are my views only.

For me the whole event was a little disappointing and felt more of a daytime rave for the adults that the kids could tag along to.

But at least I can say I have been to Ministry of Sound.  And Chloe has had her first and last clubbing experience!

I’d love to here from anyone else who attended and their views on the day.

Mummy Em x 


11 thoughts on “Rave-A-Roo **Review**

  1. We’ve been to an Indie disco for kids recently and it follows the exact same formula – craft, sweets, adult music, beer. It is, as you say, an event for adults to relive their youth and the kids can tag along!
    I guess it’s not for everyone, but at least you can say you’ve been to Ministry of Sound!

    Thanks so much for joining #daysoutwithatoddler. It will be interesting to read what other people think!

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  2. I’ve only heard good things about this, however, I find it a little bit strange 🙂 Kids singing along 90’s techno songs. Though I guess some songs really god fit for a toddler vocabulary. No no no no no no (techno limit) 😜

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  3. I’ve heard about Rave-a-Roo and thought it sounded really fun and interesting until reading your review…really put off by the fact they serve alcohol in glass bottles! And 90s music??? I was expecting more along the lines of Fireman Sam, haha. #daysoutwithatoddler

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  4. I got invited to a similar event and I wasn’t sure then and I’m still not! I’m mainly put off because my son doesn’t like lots of people or loud noise so I don’t think he’s like it-definitely more for the parents’ benefit I think! #DAysoutwithatoddler

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