Today I suck at parenting 

Today I suck at parenting! There I said it.

Anyone who thinks parenting is easy is obviously not a parent.

Today has been one of those days from the start (6.30am) where everything has been a battle with Chloe. From what she had for breakfast to what she wore.

And I have been shouty mummy pretty much ALL day long and have had absolutely no patients.

When did my life become constant arguments with a mini me?!

Bedtime tonight has been exceptionally horrid with tears and shouting.

I know in an hour or so when Chloe is fast asleep looking angelic the dreaded mum guilt will set in and then I will feel like an awful mama for being a grump all day.

The thing with parenting is, it isn’t all sunshine and roses and instagram perfect. Some days there are tantrums before breakfast and tears at bedtime. 

And sometimes it’s ok to admit that some days I suck and the parenting.

Mummy Em x 


12 thoughts on “Today I suck at parenting 

  1. Everyone has those days (I think!), I definitely do! It’s hard when you feel like that but you’re doing the best job you possibly can and the reality is we could never all be ‘ON’ all the time! Parenting is hard, so hard, and your little one won’t remember the shouty days in the long run so don’t be too hard on yourself.

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  2. As a mama of two teenage sons 18 & 14 and two little girls aged 10 and 3 OHHH there is fail every other hour Ha… But it’s ok I keep thinking before I know it they well be grown and they will be feeling what we feel cause NOW I can hear my mom in my head “Just you wait when you have kids” Ha!! ((HUGS)) to you!!!

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  3. Oh honey, I’m having these exact feelings & days so much recently. Today included! But I agree, some days are tough & it’s okay to admit were having a bad day or feeling the guilt because of a tough time. I do hope things start to get better for you soon lovely.

    Claire xx

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  4. I think this happens to every parent out there. Personally, I start off every day feeling like Mary Poppins, but when bedtime rolls around I’ve already turned into Cruella De Vil. Let’s face it, kids have an innate ability to bring out the worst (and the best!) in us.

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